Lifting equipment is generally subjected to two fundamental certifications according to section 12 of AS 4991-2004 lifting devices:

  1. Physical testing for up to twice the necessary working load limit (WLL) and an alternative verification that makes use of lowered load-proof testing requirements 


  1. Independent engineering evaluation

There are Australian standards that are relevant for lifting equipment, and the country’s top non-government, not-for-profit organization also produces several standards pertinent to the lifting business in Australia.

The Standards Australia committees create standards for Australia’s overall benefits via a consensus-building process. It works to improve the country’s economic efficiency along with international competitiveness that helps meet community demands for a sustainable and safe environment.

Lifting equipment certification is a must for all lifting devices, and this blog will highlight four reasons why lifting device certification is essential:

  • Safety

When equipment is certified with Lifting Device Certification, it is safer to use as it is already checked for malfunctions or damage. Regular inspections also help ensure that the equipment is in correct working conditions and safe to operate. Businesses can efficiently operate their equipment without any stress as the workers on their site will be safe. Specific documents also specify recommendations for proper equipment usage.

  • Responsibility

Using certified lifting equipment demonstrates the responsibility on the part of the business. This also helps the investor’s faith in the business and positively impacts share prices in the long run.

All stakeholders are aware that the business practices due diligence for making the workplace safer.

  • Cost Saving

Regular tune-ups or maintenance reduce the requirement for costly repairs and equipment maintenance.

In the long run, organizations can reduce their costs. Correct certification will also help businesses avoid any expensive lawsuits, and due to all these reasons, companies must be vigilant about their equipment certification.

  • Reduced Liability

Qualified engineers certify that the equipment is structurally sound in the correct operational orders, and it reduces the liability a company will have to take on. This liability will be limited to incidents that only occur due to the misuse of equipment.

It is essential to check your existing lifting devices and have proper documentation detailing the original engineering performed on them.

At CSA Engineering, we address clients’ requirements across multiple industries, all of which have one thing in common – their requirements for Lifting Equipment Certification. We have a skilled crew directed by licensed engineers who check and inspect all work. All our engineers are qualified and have the necessary experience and are registered with the following:

  • CPEng – Engineers Australia
  • NER – National Engineering Register
  • RPEQ – Board Of Professional Engineers Of Queensland 

Our professional team evaluates your equipment and ensures that it meets the standard’s requirements.

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