Engineering for Portable Buildings for Various Purposes

At CSA Engineering Gold Coast, we have been designing different shapes and sizes of Tiny Portable Buildings for various purposes. These portable buildings can be customised depending on different customer requirements. CSA Engineering, Composite Structures Australia Engineering have specialized in building these structures with light weight EPS foam panels that are mobile.

Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) is an evolution in the tiny houses and housing sector. This is due to its insulative and structural properties. Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) makes the building process faster and cheaper. EPS foam walls are prefabricated panels that are lightweight. Yet EPS is strong and uses insulated foam for high R-Value ratings.

The panels are shaped like a sandwich. The inner layer is made of EPS foam and has two colorbond face sheets on either side. These panels are much lighter than wood studs. This material will allow owners to build a tiny house on wheels even with strict road limits. The panels and other parts of portable buildings are made to be assembled quickly and easily without any qualified training.

EPS panels improves the insulating properties by reflecting the infrared solar energy before penetrating the wall or ceiling which maintains the temperature inside the building. EPS panels are environment friendly as it does not use HCFCs in its production which makes it the greenest choice. These panels are water resistant ensuring a leakproof structure. The colorbond face sheets are high performance, durable and strong providing an extra strength to the entire panel.

CSA Engineering Gold Coast tries to provide unrivalled customer service. The CSA Engineering team ensures the work we do is is done according to Australian standards. CSA Engineering (Composite Structures Australia Engineering) can also help you with requirements for footings, joining buildings and service connection requirements. Engineering certification, CAD drawings are somethings our team at CSA Engineering specialized in and you can contact us anytime for a Free Quote.

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