Roller Coaster Harness to meet the Australian standard AS3533.3

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Roller Coaster Harness Engineering and Maintenance at its inception there was very little need for harnesses in a roller coaster due to its low speeds and its relatively uncomplicated trajectory.

CSA Engineering understands that the technological progress of todays rollercoasters. Roller coasters have evolved into high-speed carts which move in gravity defying loops. Roller coasters Riders experience an average force of 1.5 G’s which provides the adrenaline rush that makes the rides fun. With increased speeds and G forces it is necessary that the riders need to be secured adequately with carefully engineered harnesses.

While designs like over the shoulder harnesses (OTSH) are proven and tested and are very much in use today. Composite Structures Australia Engineering aims to come up with other innovative designs. These harness designs use pneumatics and leg-only restraints completely freeing up the rider’s upper body. This achieves the sweet spot of maximum safety and minimum restriction.

Composite Structures Australia Engineering excel in providing lightweight comfortable harness designs. Which increases perceived danger for the rider giving them the adrenaline rush they crave. This is by decreasing points of contact and offering the highest freedom of movement. CSA Engineering Gold Coast knows the safety of the rider remains uncompromised due to the design of the harness. As well as the various redundant mechanisms in the harness should the extremely unlikely event of a failure occur.

Furthermore all CSA Engineering Gold Coast designs comply with the Australian standard AS3533.3  requirements for theme park rides.

As further emphasis on safety and ethical practice, all Composite Structures Australia Engineering designs undergo a risk assessment which focuses on potential risk encountered through direct application of the design throughout its long service life.

CSA Engineering designs incorporate various points of manual intervention. Which can be used to manipulate the harnesses for the purpose of evacuation or rescue of the riders. While the roller coaster harnesses are away from the roller coaster station. CSA Engineering Gold Coast rollercoaster harnesses are also placed strategically so that the rider cannot access them accidentally mid ride.

CSA Engineering Gold Coast consider the history of roller coaster accidents. This helps to identify the vulnerable points of a roller coaster harnesses and provide extra robustness in those areas of vulnerability.

CSA Engineering Gold Coast harnesses are also designed keeping easy maintenance in mind so that there is minimum shut down time and subsequent losses in turnover.

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