Product Quality Management Systems

A Quality Management system defines and implements quality specifications based on customer requirements in conformance with industry standards and regulations. The pursuit of quality has to be everyone’s responsibility at each stage of the design & manufacturing process.

CSA Engineering believes the design phase is crucial for product quality management since design quality is a key determinant of final product quality. So it is better to say that the quality of a product is the sum of Design Quality and Manufacturing Quality. Product design quality aims to check the key aspects of design against a set of standards (ADR and other applicable Australian government regulations) and customer-specific requirements. On the other side, at its most basic level, manufacturing quality conformance to defined specifications.

Pressure Vessel Engineering Designed to AS1210

Quality management has four major components. Quality planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Quality Improvement contributes to the Product quality management system. Quality control is the most important component of PQMS that ensures components and equipment are produced free from damage and defects. Quality control ensures quality assurance that products meet design requirements. Normally, there are two phases during the process for quality control with the quality inspection: In-process inspection and Final inspection.

  • In process Inspection: Check the sub-assembled equipment in accordance with design specifications & to analyze its performance; applicable testing is carried out in line with ADR/Internal test plan.
  • Ex. For the Welding process – a penetration test to carry out to ensure its strength.

  • Final Inspection: Inspection of the final product considering all aspects as Functional (performance/testing), Fitment (Dimensional), Aesthetic (Visual parameters) & Safety characteristics is essential to meet specified design requirements & applicable ADRs. The final product is ensured free from any defects, and its compliance in the aspects of safety & performance is confirmed with appropriate certifications.

Final Words: CSA Engineering strives to provide excellent quality in the design and manufacturing of mechanical and structural equipment in the aspects of safety and strength. CSA ensures the design and manufacturing process for any equipment complies with all applicable standards and client requirements.

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