Industrial Platforms

What are industrial platforms?

Industrial platforms can be defined as raised platforms used to assist workers in completing their tasks and functioning more efficiently. They have many applications, including warehouse office space, storage space, and/or manufacturing space.

Advantages of industrial platforms:

  • To create a new workspace or make the existing workspace more efficiently managed to become less cluttered and more organized
  • Provide a safe working environment for employees and help improve their job performance and efficiency
  • Far better option and cost saving compared to building a new facility
  • Easy to install and relocate as needed
  • Safe and convenient in use

Pressure Vessel Engineering Designed to AS1210
Pressure Vessel Engineering Designed to AS1210

Types of platforms:

  • Mezzanines- it is a raised platform that will be on top of your work area by taking advantage of vertical space. It can be used to store unused materials, provide working space for equipment.
  • Work platforms- raise or lower a worker to an optimal working height to increase productivity and reduce the risk of back injuries and fatigue during work tasks. They are used in packing and assembly stations, HVAC installations, areas where heavy machinery is operated.
  • Access platforms- used for providing steps up to raised platforms or buildings. The position of the stair can be adjusted, and the platforms can be relocated to accommodate different applications.
  • Ladder platforms- self-supporting portable ladder that is non-adjustable in length, with a platform provided at the highest intended standing level
  • Adjustable height platforms- height of these scaffold platforms can be adjusted to allow users to work at various heights. It is suitable for manufacturing and production areas where variable height and width adjustments are needed.
  • Mobile, rolling platforms- these are access platforms that can be moved to where they are needed using rollers with a locking mechanism that prevents them from rolling when the platforms are in use.
  • Stackable platforms- can be used individually or multiple platforms can be stacked to increase the height of the platforms and are mostly used in decontamination environments.
  • Dual access multi-step platforms- can be entered from both sides of the platform.
  • Step stands- narrow platforms with one step and provide extra height to help users achieve a comfortable working position.

Where we can help:

  • We have an excellent understanding of Australian Standards and building codes, including AS1657/2018(Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders)
  • Understand your requirements like height, space, weight capacity, timeline, and budget and help you with the correct type of industrial platform or custom design for the platform to suit your application
  • Offer modifications like an open riser or closed rise stairs, strong treads, decking, landings, etc
  • Our designs can also be configured next to one another to extend their length and can be built to varying heights with stair treads, making the list of potential configurations nearly endless.
  • Our FEA capabilities allow us to provide the right solution for you without over-engineering your project, saving you money.
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